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Conservative Treatment of ODS

Conservative treatment of ODS centres around patients' understanding of their disrdered anatomy. This is essential to understand why it is important to avoid straining & why help for evacuation should be largely "from below, i.e. suppositories, enemas or irrigation via the anus". There may still be a need for some help "from the top, i.e. by oral stool softners" if stools are hard or sticky, but the strategy should favour help from the bottom.

The conservative management advice includes:

  1. Avoidance of Excessive prolonged straining at stool.
  2. Some acceptance of “new normal” bowel habits, if it it does not affect the quality of life
  3. Always try help from below first
    - Glycerine suppositories
    - Microlax Microenemas
    - Phosphate enemas
    - Rectal Irrigation (e.g. Peristeen system)
  4. May need some help from above {only if motions are very hard or “sticky”
    - Increase dietary fibre
    - Use stool softeners