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Patient Education

Patient education plays a truly vital role in management of patients with ODS. It is probably no exaggeration to say that it forms the cornerstone in managing this condition.

Since bowel function depend on many variables, management of ODS [whether by conservative measures or surgery] invariably require adequate control of patients' controlled variables [such as diet, medications, response to pelvic sensation of fullness, straining & even digitation]. Spending the time needed for patients to understand the reasons behind their symptoms & the intended plan of management is rewarded by patient assisting the surgeon in achieving a good result.

I developed the way I educate patients over many years, gradually improving the methods most effective in getting the message through. Illustrations of disorderd anatomy is the most important first step, so patient can understand what is happening. These are hand drawn & can be tailored to explaining what is actually wrong with the individual patient. Occasionally when patient find it difficult to comprehend the concept of intussusception, I will use my "Jacket trick". Lastly the use of slide shoes with animations & short videos drives home the message. The Iphone & a small netbook [such as the Asus eeepc are ideal vehicles for delivery. It goes without saying that merely showing the videos / slide show without a compassionate long chat with the patient centred on THEIR problem would not be sufficient to achieve the desired effect.


Many patient will not be able to absorb all the information in one go & despite the provision of leaflets they may still need a second consultation to clarify their lingering questions

This website was created specifically to act as a teaching resource for patients & health care professionals. I ask my patients to check it, as many of their questions will be answered here